Linta gårds väg 5
168 74 Bromma


Kaiser Classic
Box 55913, 102 16 Stockholm

We’re located in the garage below the building

Our data policy

When you purchase a car from us or sell a car with us we are required to collect, save and process personal data about you. Such data includes name, address, contact information and copy of ID. The purpose is partly complying with guidelines from Swedish authorities, such as Transportsyterelsen, but also to effectively follow up and ensure customer satisfaction. The data we collect, store and process are data from purchase and commission agreements that you have signed with us. We are not able to enter into such an agreement without the personal data requested in the agreement. When collecting, storing and processing personal data we apply the integrity legislation at the given time. Your personal data will be stored with us for as long as you are required to by accounting regulations (currently 7 years) and or as long as you are an active customer with us. The personal data that we store is shared with companies in the same group of companies and the personal data assistant that we may appoint in order to pursue our services and comply with our responsibilities towards you. We may also share your personal data with a third party, given that we are bound by law to do so. Responsible for personal data is Kaiser Cars AB Box 55913, 10216 Stockholm. You are entitled to contact us if you want to view the information that we keep about you, in order to demand correction, transfer or demand a limitation of the data, in order to supply objections or demand deletion of your entry. This is easiest done by contacting us on with the subject PERSONUPPGIFTER. If you have complaints about our policy about personal data you are entitled to send complaints to Datainspeketionen.