Rover Mini Balmoral Edition

1996 Rover Mini Mk II Balmoral Edition 1.3 SPI. Finished in British Racing Green with red and green tartan cloth interior. The odometer shows 56,369km and there appears to be 7 owners from new. Chassis number XNYAXMBD121536

The Balmoral was a German only special edition, and this one arrived in Sweden 1998 with just over 20,000km, clearly used frequently by its first owner in Germany those first two years years. Its first owner in Sweden, a gentleman in Grillby, had the Mini from 1998-06-26 through to 2007-16-18. The second owner, a gentleman in Kalmar owned the car for one year, selling it on to another gentlemen in Sollentuna 2008 -06-08. The Mini lived with him for 7 years before being acquired by a dealership in 2015 and then moving on to the current owner, a reputable and avid collector of high caliber classics. We have sold three cars for this collector in the past and each has been in superb condition with a very well documented history. Pleasingly this little Mini is no exception, with a thick folder stuff with invoices, receipts, correspondence and notes from over the years. Several service invoices are at Mini or MG specialists so the car appears to have been well cared for it its time.

Noted mileage in paperwork:

1996-03-26 – 1688km Service at Autohaus Michael Raeder GmbH
1996-09-24 – 10283km Service at Autohaus Michael Raeder GmbH
1997-06-20 – 20782km Service at Autohaus Michael Raeder GmbH
1998-01-13 – 22511km Inspection
1998-06-15 – 23707km Inspection
1999-10-25 – 3292 mil Service at Lidingö Bilteknik AB
1999-12-20 – 33727km Inspection
2000-07-05 – 34515km Service at AB Nyander & Jeinsen
2001-06-06 – 4043 mil Service at VS Autocomfort
2003-08-27 – 4500 mil Service at Jana Motors
2006-11-01 – 51395km Inspection
2007-11-09 – 53672km Inspection
2008-10-03 – 54748km Inspection
2014-06-09 – 55535km Inspection
2014-09-16 – 56258km Inspection

There are a lot of models appearing or claiming to be Balmoral’s online but only those original sold in the German market are the real deal. The car has a number of nice aesthetic tweaks from a regular Mini. Starting outside the most obvious visual difference is the smart gold pinstripe and ‘Balmoral Edition’ crests sitting on both of the rear quarter panels and on the centre caps of the wheels. All Balmoral’s came with a fantastic webasto electric sunroof, which peels back at the touch of a button This car has been fitted with the optional Sportspack, with wider arches fitted to cover wider and taller 13” wheels.

Inside the seats are wrapped in a striking green and red tartan, with the doorcards finished in matching material which certainly brightens up the interior and contrasts nicely with the smart black finish throughout the rest of the inside. The steering wheel on this car has been re-trimmed in red leather to match the seats which works very well and ads a splash of colour to the dashboard.

This is an opportunity to acquire a low mileage, special edition Mini which appears to be in very good condition and benefits from a well documented history and paperwork backing up the mileage of the car.