Porsche 911 2.8 RSR Replica

1972 Porsche 911 E finished in Light Yellow. Chassis number 9112200270. This Swedish-sold 911 was rebuilt to a 2.8 RSR replica in 2012, but the owner went a little further to create a true track monster that borrows choice parts from later models and remains legal to drive on the road. The motor is a 3,6L from a 993, tuned to 300bhp and acquired and installed via Stigs Garage. A second motor is available, a 320bhp 3,2 RSR built by renowned Porsche engine builder Micke Svens. This has travelled 0km since being refreshed by Stigs Garage and as available separately for 400,000 SEK. The car is fitted with a 915 5-speed with oil cooler, adjustable coilovers at the rear, uprated roll bars and adjustable top mounts fitted up front with a strut brace. Turbo brakes have been fitted front and rear, and Techart 18” wheels fitted opening up a wide choice of track tyres. With a set of smaller Fuchs and the 3,2L engine fitted the car weighs in at just 970kg. This weight is achieved with a number of lightweight panels – lexan windows (watertight), a carbon fibre hood, composite bumpers and doors and carbon door cards.

This car is a great fit for the 911 enthusiast looking for the true track weapon, and would be a good base for those more proper about period correctness whom are looking to build a more time-correct replica, especially with the addition of that 3,2L motor.

795.000 kr