MG TC 1.3

1946 MG TC, 1.3L finished in British Racing Green with matching green interior. Chassis number TC1422.

This charming little car has truly stolen our hearts. Nestled here amongst Bavarian brutes and Stuttgart stormers, its diminutive dimensions do nothing to reduce its presence on the showroom floor, quite the opposite. Its design and engineering harks back to simpler times and standing before it you can find yourself daydreaming of sunny summer outings, pootling along at your own pace on the way to a picnic or pub lunch.

This car is the absolute antithesis of the modern transport, much in the way a mechanical timepiece is to its digital relation - a perplexing proposition on paper when you consider the merits (and associated costs!) of both. But to the more discerning driver yearning for experience, feel and ultimately the connection to the vehicle, cars such as these deliver in a way no modern equivalent can match.

MG produced the T-Type cars from 1936 to 1955, all of which were two seater sports cars. Launched in 1945 The TC was the first postwar MG and the marks highest production run at the time, totalling 10,001 units by 1949. Known as the car that caused the Sport Car "craze" in America, the TC came with a spritely 1.3L pushrod-OHV engine making 55bhp. In a car weighing just 838kg progress was certainly swift and would see a top speed of 75mph - plenty enough when you consider the limits of leaf sprung suspension design and drum brakes.

This particular vehicle is finished appropriately in British Racing Green, with matching green leather inside. In front of the driver sits a walnut dashboard and beautiful Jaeger speedo and accompanying dials with cream faces. The flowing arches frame a beautiful set of 19-inch wire-wheels, with a full size spare found at the rear. As you can see the car is equipped with a retracting roof and full size windscreen which folds down if desired leaving the two smaller, aero screens for when occupants are wanting an even more immersive driving experience. Just don't forget your cap and goggles!

The car has undergone a nut & bolt restoration - details of which can be provided on request, and includes a full set of storage covers.

    293 mil