Mercedes-AMG GT C

2018 Mercedes-AMG GT C 4.0L finished in Designo Iridium Silver Magno with black nappa leather/DINAMICA suede interior. Chassis number WMX1904801A020620, Swedish sold and showing just 4,220 km with a full dealer service history.

This sharp looking roadster is not to be mistaken for another wafty, softly-suspended grand tourer far more at home on the Riviera than the racetrack.

Developed entirely in-house by Mercedes' AMG division, the GT C is the sharpened, more performance oriented evolution of the AMG GT. It features the same AMG V8 biturbo engine that is handcrafted by its own master technician, using a "one man, one engine" philosophy (to signify this, each AMG engine builder stamps the engines they produce with an engraved plaque depicting their signature). In the GT C it is tuned to an increased output of 410 kW (557 PS; 550 hp) and 502 lb⋅ft (681 N⋅m) of torque, thrusting it to 60 mph in 3.7 seconds. An example of the technology and attention that goes into this block is the lining of the cylinder walls with an AMG-patented NANOSLIDE® technology, originally developed for F1. Using an electrical arc to plasma-spray the cylinder wall, the process creates a mirror-smooth, ultralow-friction surface that’s also twice as hard as steel - some great pub-talk fodder for you there.

Further backing up the GT C’s true track-oriented intentions is a high-pressure dry-sump lubrication setup which can pump the entire 9.5 quarts of motor oil from the external reservoir through the V8 in 2.2 seconds, even under extreme cornering g-forces. Adaptive AMG RIDE CONTROL Sport Suspension enables owners to set the car to their liking, and monsterous 12" wide rims wrapped in 305 section tyres are accommodated at the rear by 2.25" gain in the hips over the lower spec models. Handling is further enhanced by active rear-wheel steering and an electronically controlled mechanical limited-slip differential. Stopping comes courtesy of uprated AMG High-Performance Composite brakes, featuring 6-pot calipers and 391mm rotors up front, and sound is delivered through the Dynamic Performance Exhaust which comes standard on the C model. Like the adaptive ride control it has selectable modes - handy for keeping neighbors happy on those early morning cold starts.

As well as that wider track another major performance enhancement on the outside of the car is the AIRPANEL active aero system, which closes the outer intakes to reduce drag, or open as needed to route cooling air to the front wheel wells and keep those dustbin lid-sized discs at a manageable temperature. This technology has also made its way to the rear of the car too with a speed-dependent spoiler that rises to increase downforce at the rear axle.

Time in the engineering process was also paid to locating every ounce of weight in the right place in order to lower the center of gravity, raise rigidity, and improve balance along any axis. The vehicle structure is made up of 93% aluminium, with the front module base made up of magnesium, and each wheel is suspended by forged aluminum double wishbones and hub carriers.As you'd expect from this attention to detail the roof is no afterthought either, and the three-layer fabric affair is built around an aluminum, magnesium and steel structure which can open and close in 11 seconds up to speeds of 50 km/h (31 mph).

The AMG GT C would certainly lead a happy life on long cruises South to sunnier destinations, but we hope we have convinced you that there is more to this model than initially meets the eye.

    422 mil