Kawasaki Z1-900

1973 Kawasaki Z1-900 restored to factory 1973 condition. Finished in Candy Yellow / Green. Frame number Z1F06861. The bike has travelled just 1357 KM since being restored. It was acquired by a collector and renowned restorer of Z1’s in 2002 before being sold on to the current owner in 2019.

This highly collectible Japanese classic has undergone a total restoration at the hands of a collector who at one time owned what was possibly the worlds largest collection of Z1’s, and has restored no less than 17 in total, some of which have found their way onto magazine covers. The attention to detail found in his work is on another level – perhaps the best example of which is the paint work, which is indicative of how much time and effort has gone into every area of this build. The yellow wings on the tank apparently rarely left the factory truly symmetrical due to the difficulty of and time constraints of this task. To ensure the design was perfect on this bike, he measured 15 tanks to get the exact dimensions and position correct. Of course the green and yellow finish is also the rarer colour combination of the two offered from factory, with around 85% of Z1’s leaving in ‘jaffa brown’.

The bike was restored with all original Kawasaki parts to the exact spec it would have left the factory in 1973, which as any aficionado of this model knows would not an easy task nowadays given the rarity of these parts. This includes items such as the hollow cams, cylinder head, long fender, seat and tool kit. The tank has been restored and re-sealed as well.

The collector pointed out two known flaws on this bike – the first being that it is not the original frame the bike left the factory with, as given away by the two numbers stamped on the headtube. The second is that is not running original wheels – these are reproductions.

A beautiful addition to a collection or a fantastically restored, ready to enjoy bike.

    135 mil