Ford Mustang Cabriolet Boss 302

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1966 Ford Mustang Cabriolet fitted with a modified BOSS 302 block. Finished in Nightmist Blue with blue soft top. 2 owners since import to Sweden in 2007, previously resided in California. Odometer shows 47665 miles but actual mileage is unknown due to age. Chassis number 6F08C736899.

If a regular first generation cabriolet leaves you a little under-stimulated, this could be the car for you. Hidden under a convertible body usually associated with lazy summer cruising sits a properly tweaked chassis and motor that it would not be a stretch to refer to as a pro-touring build.

At the heart of this car sits an early Ford BOSS 302 block, with forged crank and rods, forged pistons and a hydraulic roller cam. It also features aluminium Ford SVO heads, and electric MSD 6A ignition. The transmission is a 5 speed manual from a 1980’s Mustang, paired with a McLoud clutch. The rear end is from a Lincoln Versilles with a 3:5:1 ring and pinion. Brakes are taken from the same model Lincoln, which also happen to be shared with a Ford Granada.

The front end is a Fat Man Fabrications kit enabling the fitment of a late 90’s Mustang strut type suspension to an early Mustang, and the car is sitting on coilovers up front. Front brakes are from a 90’s Mustang. The 3 piece 15” GOTTI wheels are an unconventional choice on a first series Mustang and fit the character of this build well, but perhaps could be faulted giving away the cars true character which could be fun to hide and surprise a Porsche or two in the twisties! They are shod in lower than usual profile tyres – 205/60 up front and 235/60 rear, giving plenty of grip and adding to the already sharpened handing of the car.

429.500 kr

    4 765 mil