Ford Mustang Cab modified

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1968 Ford Mustang Cabriolet upgraded with chassis, gearbox and engine modications caried out by Mustang specialist. Finished in Tahoe Turquoise over black vinyl interior with bucket seats. Swedish sold, the car has remained here its entire life passing though the hands of several enthusiasts over the years who have collated a wealth of information. Chassis number 8T03J145849

‘Of the 317,411 1968 Mustangs 25,384 were convertibles, 3,754 were spec’d with the 302-4V engine, 832 came with 4 speed manual transmission. Just 7 of these left the factory in Tahoe Turquoise and 3 had black bucket seat interiors. Of these 3 cars 1 was exported - this is that car.’

This Swedish sold Mustang is in exceptional condition, show winning in fact, as can be seen from the small collection of trophies and awards it has picked up over the years. But don’t let the appearance fool you into thinking this car has lived the life of a trailer queen, quite the opposite in fact. As the plaques under the wingmirrors remind you every time you reach for the door handle this Mustang was ‘Made for drivin’! With 450bhp on tap curtesy of a blown motor, a revised chassis with brakes also uprated, the car goes and stops far better than you would expect for a ride more associated with top down cruising. The previous owner even made a couple of outings on track, and a set of spare wheels with R-rated tyres is included in the sale should the next owner feel the urge to venture out and possible surprise a few sportier cars.

The modifications to this car were carried out by SET (Special Engineering Team), the company of the previous owner. The build is extensively documented and an included case study (also found here give a complete overview of everything that has been done, down to the last bolt. In brief the 302 smallblock is now force fed via a Paxton NOVI 1200 supercharger, mated to a Holley 650 Dual Pump Carburettor special calibrated for this application. A mild street cam was also added and a Tremec T5 gearbox, MSD 6AL ignition system.

A detailed case study has also been made on both the new rack and pinion steering and chassic upgrades that have completely changed the character of the car. There is almost too much to list here so we advise you take a look over this case study documenting the modifications in detail - (this is in Swedish so you may need a little help from Google Translate). The car has received rollbars, new poly bushings, chassis stiffening and geometry tweaks that have transformed it into a Mustang you can really drive and enjoy on both road and track.

The car is accompanied by a set of trophies, box of miscellaneous spares, the aforementioned spare wheels, original front grill and steering wheel. A folder contains a wealth of information about the cars past including all of the past owners, locations and mileage travelled, original order from Ford, old photographs from 1986 when the car was wearing a dark green painjob, old restoration photos and even some original adverts from when the car was for sale. It is a true joy to browse and learn more about the history of this magnificent Mustang, both well documented, well presented and now a real drivers car.

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