Ford Fairlane Crown Victoria

1955 Ford Fairlane Crown Victoria Skyliner 4.5 V8 Automatic, finished in two-tone Snowshoe White and Black, with matching white and black vinyl seats. The black panels feature a design woven into the fabric. Imported to Sweden from the United States in 2017 by ourselves. Mileage unknown due to age, odometer currently reads ‘074741’ miles. Chassis number U5GF126609 and a 64B body code denoting this is one of the highly coveted factory built Skyliners that were made in low numbers, totaling just 1,999 units. It is common to find these desirable transparent roofs retrofitted by enthusiasts to cars which carry the 64A body number, but this one is the real deal.

The Fairlane in 1955 was Ford's top-line, full-sized model and helped propel Ford to its best sales year since 1923. Six different body styles were offered in total, with this car being the aforementioned Skyliner featuring a tinted, transparent acrylic roof and the distinctive chrome "basket handle" design and a bold chrome ‘tiara’ in the B-pillar location.

There were three engine options, and this car features the middle 272 cu in (4.5 L) V8 putting out 162 bhp via a three-speed Ford-O-Matic transmission. Braking comes courtesy of four-wheel power hydraulic drum brakes and bumps are handled by coil spring front suspension and a live rear axle with semi-elliptical leaf springs. Inside occupants found an electric clock, push-button radio and a Magic Aire heater-defroster .

This highly collectible 1955 Ford looks fantastic and runs beautifully with a healthy burble emanating from that 4.5 L V8. It would be an equally great ownership proposition for both the enthusiast looking for a car to show or a collector looking for a rare and appreciating American classic to add to their stable.