Ferrari California 4.3 V8 Automatic

2011 Ferrari California 4.3 V8 Automatic. Finished in Nero Daytona with a striking Rosso interior. The car is Swedish sold and the odometer shows 33085KM. Chassis number ZFFLJ65B000176302. We are currently waiting on the service history information.

On top of standard factory equipment this California benefits from the following options, Carbon fibre drivers zone + LEDs, Magneride dual mode suspension and 20" diamond finish sport wheels.

Developed unashamedly as a grand tourer the Ferrari California aimed to attract a new type of buyer to the marque. The California represented a number for firsts for Ferrari; first front-mid mounted V8, first to feature a 7 speed dual clutch transmission, first retractable hard top, first to offer stop start technology and the first car with multi-link rear suspension. Its less aggressively sprung and slightly higher ride height offered a softened ride, and combined with a 2+2 layout and retractable hard top offering practical space and year round usability. Boot space actually totals an impressive 340 litres, and the efficient design of the rectrating roof only takes away 100 liters meaning two pieces of luggage can still fit in even with the top down. With a back seat folded down it can you can even squeeze in a set of skis and a snowboard for the journey.

Although intended to cruise in comfort the California is certainly no slouch when it comes to performance. That 4.3 L V8 puts out 453hp at 7,750 rpm, and 358 lbf⋅ft at 5,000 rpm - it certainly is a car that rewards being revved out and the aural reward for this pursuit is pleasingly Ferrari-like. Being an earlier naturally aspirated car the throttle response is crisp, and also makes the 106bhp per litre achieved by the team at Maranello an impressive feat. Weight distribution at 47:53 again highlights the performance intent of this machine, as do the F1-Trac system, also found on the 430 Scuderia, which enables an average increase of 20% in acceleration when exiting curves over a traditional system, and of course those carbon ceramic dinner-plate discs are certainly not there for show. Which is just as well given this drop top can hit 193mph and reach 0–62 mph in less than four seconds, in part thanks to its slick dual clutch transmission.