Ferrari 412

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1987 Ferrari 412, 4.9L V12. Finished in Nero over beige interior. The odometer shows 60021 km. In current owners possession 24 years. Chassis number ZFFDD24S000074309.

Ownership history

A total of just 532 of the Pininfarina designed 412’s were made during the years 1985-1989. This particular example was was purchased in Switzerland 1987 and then exported to Doha, Quatar. It was then imported back into Europe by a Lamborghini specialist in Germany during autumn 1999 who had been requested by his client to sell two Ferrari 412, this car you see here and a another black one but with black leather interior and manual gearbox.

Our client, himself a Ferrari specialist who has been sourcing these machines for clients far and wide for many years, aquired the car for himself in Düsseldorf in 1999. At the time it showed just 8670 km on the meter and had barely used original tires. (Michelin TRX 240/55 VR415). He made arrangements to bring the 412 back to Sweden and it arrived 1999-11-13 and was inspected and registered in 1999-12-09. Remarkably it has remained in his ownership ever since.

Service history

The car has been serviced at first by Sportvagnsservice AB on Lidingö (Lasse Bortz) and after that by Autoropa AB (Swedish Ferrari dealer) which took over Sportvagnsservice AB when Lasse Bortz retired. Early on in his ownerhship our client fitted an exaust system in stainless steel made by Ferrita AB (the rear half).

Unfortunately paperwork is limted as the car was stolen one night in Fiskebäckskil and was found the next day in Kungälv by the police. Everything in the luggage compartment was taken including tools and documents (The Servicebook and the Usermanual). The car was taken to Lasse Bortz to repair some mintor damage and a broken door handle and whilst in his possession was given a major 30 000 km service.

The car has just spent a year at collector car specialists Bilteknik AB, Katrineholm who on our clients order istalled new accumulators that he sourced for the rear suspension/self levelling. Our client now reports that this works very well and this is something to note because these accumulators are nearly impossible to find on the market.


There are a few important notes from our inspection on the car, the report can be found in the dropbox link above. The most pressing issues are the replacement of the ignition barrel (key is currently stuck in) and also an oil leak.

Although not perfect a perfect example as it stands right now this 412 had a great history and and has been cared for an enjoyed by its current owner, a true enthusiast for these cars with a great deal of experience with the marque from his years sourcing them. Sadly as he enters retirement he is no longer in the position to keep it and spend the money required to restore it to its former glory, so his hope is the new owner see’s the potential to aquire a 412 at a low price and gradually make the necessary changes to take it up to the standard it deserves to be in.

    6 000 mil