Aston Martin V8 Race car

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Aston Martin V8 Race Car, chassis number is 105307. Built with renowned Aston engineer David Jack, of Aston engineering. The car stands as it raced in period, original crash damage and racing patina very much intact! The car was campaigned successfully in Britain by driver Mike Cousins. Cousins began racing in Aston Martin Owners Club (AMOC) races. The car underwent a number of evolutions and modifications over the years and had a great deal of success on the British racing circuit, including taking the 1986 ASCAR championship, modified class and outright win - full details of the build and race history will follow.

Engine moved back 30cm and lowered 8cm, solid mounts
Full aluminium roll cage
Adjustable front dampers, 16" wheels, 13" wide at the rear and 11" at the front
Dry sump oil system removed from a LeMans '67 Lola T70
Fiberglass hood, doors and bottled to reduce weight. The
Engine rebuild:
Block - Ridstrom Racing
Top end - Tom Avellan legendary Swedish porting and cylinder head guru
Pistons - Venolia
Rings - Total seal
Carbs - Webber
Valves - G&S
Intake Manifold - Hedlund Svierge
Exhaust - Aston Engineering
Clutch - V8 Vantage
Gearbox - Aston Engineering
Propshaft - Sveabil Bromma
Driveshaft - Sveabil Bromma
Diff - Goldsmith & Young

Race results kindly provided by Dave Smith, a historian of modfied racing who works for the UKs CSCC`s Special Saloons & Modsports series as a promoter:

Michael Cousins race results in DBS V8 :
Raced in 2 main championships 1984 to 1988, the AMOC Intermarque challenge and BARC-NW Sports/Saloons ( Oulton park-based ). The list below will not be the complete record but is useful as a guide
Sep 16 - Oulton Park AMOC - outside top 7 finishers ( 3rd in class )
1985 :
Sep 15 - Oulton Park AMOC - 2nd overall ( 2nd in class )
1986 :
Apr 24 - Oulton Park AMOC - 2nd overall ( 2nd in class )
May 17 - Oulton Park BARC-NW - 3rd overall ( 2nd in class )
Jun 1 - Donington BARC-NW - DNF
Jun 14 - Oulton Park BARC-NW - 3rd overall ( 2nd in class )
Jun 28 - Oulton Park BARC-NW - 2nd overall ( 2nd in class )
Aug 31 - Donington AMOC - result not known but didnt win ( my first race )
Sep 14 - Oulton Park AMOC - 2nd overall ( 2nd in class )
1987 :
Apr 20 - Silverstone AMOC - 1st overall ( record fastest lap 1m 00.1 96.3 mph
Apr 25? - Oulton Park AMOC - 1st overall
May 25 - Donington BARC-NW 2nd overall ( 2nd in class )
Jun 6 - Oulton Park BARC-NW 1st overall
Jun 27 - Oulton Park BARC-NW 1st overall
Oct 17 - Oulton Park AMOC - DNF ( Hub failure )
1988 :
Jun 18 - Silverstone AMOC - DNF
early Jul - Oulton Park AMOC - 3rd overall
Sep 4 - Donington AMOC - 1st overall

notes : the car was mostly green 1984 to 1987, then changed to its 2-tone colours for 1988 as it is now. Cousins' major honour was the 1987 AMOC 'Gordon Russell' Intermarque drivers champion for 1987. Every time he was beaten into 2nd it was by the same car, the even more modified Aston of David Ellis up to 1987.