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Alfa Romeo 1750 GTV restored

1970 Alfa Romeo 1750 GTV, 1.8. Finished in Grigio Medio metallic over a beautiful tan Connoly leather interior. The car has travelled just 1035km since its restoration, chassis numbers is AR1385038. Although it has been kept in factory in appearance at the owners request, the car benefits from a number of performance upgrades underneath that make it a bit of a sleeper on the back roads and race track. The 1750 engine has been upgrades to fast road spec with a number of modications, and the chassis has been uprated to match with improved brakes and suspension. Performance camshafts have been added along with a GTA style exhaust. The car now sits on fast road spec Bilstein suspension, and benefits from an uprated anti roll bar. Sports brakes have been fitted aiding stopping power.

This extensive restoration and build has been handled by the masters at Timeless Garage, Portugal. The team have undertaken countless restorations over their years in business, reworking everything from classic Range Rovers and 911s to more eccentric vehicles, all finished to an incredibly high standard. Read more about the business here www.timelessgarage.com

The Alfa Romeo 1750 GT Veloce first entered production in 1976, and featured a number of enhancements to it’s predecessor. Performance was up through increased engine capacity which created a feistier, more urgent machine, that also underwent significant chassis modifications. Revised suspension and new geometry sharpened up the handling, wider wheels added further mechanical grip with an uprated anti-roll bar employed to counter this. Uprated brakes were added too, further adding to the GTV’s backroad prowess.

The Bertone bodied Alfa’s are a beautiful, timeless piece of design, comparable to a 911 in its simplicity and versatility - equally at ease parked up in upscale cosmopolitan surroundings as it in a greasy pit lane garage. Like a classic 911 their compact lightweight form combined with sharp handing, RWD and a characterful engine make them a them a true joy to drive, and thoroughly analogue and engaging experience that you often find yourself lusting after when not behind the wheel. Combine their styling, driving ability and cult following both from die hard Alfisti and the car community in general and you have a car that is a very solid investment for time to come.

860.000 kr