AC Cobra Everett-Morrison 351

AC Cobra Everett-Morrison 351 5.8 V8. Built in the early 1990s and previously registered in the USA as a 1966 Ford Cobra. Chassis number EM427SC1058021185. Imported to Sweden and not currently road registered. Odometer showing 6637 miles.

Everett-Morrison is a highly regarded kit maker with owners reporting excellent equality, and we have certainly been impressed with this build on closer inspection. It is equipped with the 351 Cleveland engine, a 5.8 L overhead valve pushrod V8 mated here to a 4-speed Toploader transmission. Ford pushed the marketing of this '$100 million engine', citing in literature that it featured:

Computer-designed, lower and wider cylinder block made with the latest advancements in precision thin-wall casting techniques
Compound canted valves with large heads positioned to provide maximum intake and exhaust flow capacity to provide better breathing, better flow, and permit improved cooling
Exhaust-heated intake manifold with large oval ports to help warm up the engine quickly and recycle more heat to the engine when needed
Lightweight pistons with large valve clearance cutout for the intake valve that improve breathing and permit a bigger charge of the fuel-air mixture into cylinders
Five main bearing nodular iron crankshaft making possible stronger, leaner crankshafts that weigh less

Additionally the engine features ceramic coated headers and side pipes, solid lifter roller cams, roller rockers, TRW pistons, 3 piece valve springs, a Holley 750 carb, a remote oil filter, mocal oil cooler, Ford Motorsport valve cover, cold air box. The car has a Mustang II front end and power steering/column/tilt and transfers power to the road through a Lincoln Versailles 3.89 posi rear end. The car is also equipped with a stainless steel gas tank.

Inside the car the driver sits behind a moto-lita steering wheel and is held in place by RJS 5pt racing seatbelt/harness. Wheels are 2 piece Halibrand and there are disc brakes all round.

    664 mil